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dropshipping store sale 1
The first dropshipping store that we sold for $133,000 on Empire Flippers.
We may have sold it prematurely, but we don't regret it.
It gave us the experience and confidence it gave us to move forward and think bigger.
empire flippers screenshot
The first drop shipping store that we ever made.
It was making us virtually passive income since 2016.
But we decided that it was time to cash out and put the money towards different things.
Off market deal where we cashed out $108,000 after adjustments of the $142,000.
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$47,688 - 1 Year of Earnings from Amazon Associates Program
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One of our books ranking 58 in the ENTIRE AMAZON KINDLE STORE.
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The Right Mindset for Approaching Online Business

1. Consistency and the Big Picture
2. How to Properly Set Goals and Complete Tasks
3. The Mindest of Outsourcing Things You CAN'T Figure Out or Do
4. The Mindest of Outsourcing Repeatable Tasks

Starting Supplier Research + Key Background Information

1. The Overarching Business Model Explanation
2. What Makes a Good Product to Dropship?
3. NEW - Niche Selection Masterclass (MUST WATCH)
4. MUST WATCH - The Perfect Amount of "Niched Down"
5. How fo find UNLIMITED Product/Niche Ideas
6. Reverse Engineering Other Sites + Google Shopping to Find Suppliers That Work with Dealers
7. Advanced Niche Research -Thinking Outside the Box
8. Over the Shoulder Product Research
9. The Big Picture of Contacting Suppliers
10. Advanced Supplier Consideration (Not for Beginners)

Business Entities, Bank Accounts, and Credit Cards

1. Office Business Stuff You Need to Setup
2. Bank Accounts & Credit Cards for Extra Profit
3. Choosing a Domain Name
4. Getting an 1-800 Phone Number for Your Store
5. Signing Up for Shopify

Set Up Your Dropshiping Store FAST

1. Latest Theme Update
2. Useful Tools for Website Design
3. Hooking Up Your Domain Name
4. Getting Your Logo Done + Picking Your Site Colours
5. Set Up Your Theme In Less Than an Hour for Supplier Calling
6. Social Profiles?
7. Value Page Scripts
8. Legal Pages
9. Setting Up Payment Providers (Don't Forget)
10. How to Get More Conversions on Empire Once You Get Traffic
11. The GOLD STANDARD Of On-Site Optimization

Supplier Outreach and Management

1. What to Expect When Talking to Suppliers
2. Get a Branded E-mail Address
3. Supplier Scripts and Extra Advice
4. Typical Hard Questions from Suppliers and How to Answer
5. Alternative Outreach Method You Can Try (Inspired by UK Student)
6. How to Place an Order With Suppliers
7. How to Handle LTL Shipping
8. Art Not a Science - Keep This in Mind
9. Supplemental Lesson - Customer Journey + Competing with Established Brands
10. Uploading Products
11. When to Start Ads (and Some Tips)
12. Key Elements of Product Pages for Shopping Ads
13. Creating Collection Pages for Launch
14. Sales Tax & Nexus

Starting Your Ads

1. Google Merchant Center Best Practices Checklist
2. Use These Shopify Apps Before Starting Your Ads
3. NEW: Update on conversion Tracking Tags
4. Setting Up Your Google Ads Account
5. Integrating Merchant Center With Google Ads
6. Google Tag Installation
7. RetargetApp
8. Retargeting 180 Day List
9. Campaign Setup and Conversion Pixel
10. Campaign Segmentation
11. RLSA Crash Course
12. Text Ads Crash Course
13. Analyzing Our Ads LIVE!
14. Text Ads Deep Dive

Ads Troubleshooting

1. Intro and Negative Keywording Mistakes
2. Device Bidding
3. SKU Level Bidding and Spend
4. Budget Splitting & Spend
5. Interpreting Impression Share & Wrap UP

Running Business & Improving Conversions

1. Coupon E-mail Capture + Abandoned Cart Email Capture
2. Getting Reviews for Increased Conversions (As a New Store + Ongoing)
3. Sticky ATC - Good Thing to Have!
4. ATC Color Consistency
5. Backorders vs Managing Inventory for Suppliers
6. Closing More Sales with Good Customer Support
7. Important Announcement for New Stores - Enable Manual Capture!
8. Shopify Terms of Service WARNING
9. DIY Fraud Prevention
10. The Right and Wrong Way to Reinvest Your Profits
11. Using Google Forms to Screen for VAs / Writers
12. What to Keep in Mind About Bank Account Balance + Liabilities

Scaling Your Ads

1. Scaling Ads Mindset
2. Scaling Ads Principles
3. Shopping Ads Example
4. Note on Search Terms
5. Text Ad Examples
6. Bid Simulator
7. Bid Simulator Part 2
8. Note on Search Terms and Text Ads
9. Scaling Ads Wrap Up
10. Scaling Ads Hiring
11. SEO for Scaling Ads

Youtube Ads Retargetting

1. YouTube Ads Introduction
2. YouTube Ads In-Depth
3.Making Your Ads Quickly and Easily (Part 1)
4. Making Your Ads Quickly and Easily (Part 2)
5. YouTube Ads Analysis
6. Getting New Customers for YouTube Ads (Not Re-targeting)

Getting Long Tail Traffic with SEO

1. What is SEO, Really? - Introduction
2. How We Do Keyword Research
3. Basic Site Structure Stuff for Shopify
4. Anchor Text Basics
5. Article Sturcture for SEO
6. Big Picture + URL Structure + Meta Titles + Descriptions

Ranking Pages Over The Shoulder (SEO)

1. Keyword Research Part 1
2. Keyword Research Part 2
3. Keyword Research Part 3
4. Keyword Research Part 4
5. Exporting Keyword List
6. Finding Writers FAST with Writer Access
7. Fastest Way to On Page Keyword Optimization with Surfero SEO
8. Surfer SEO Tip - Multiple Keywords
9. What Does This Content Look Like When Published?
10. Publishing in Shopify
11. Keyword Tools vs Autocomplete - What Should You Use?
12. When to Use Surfer and When it's Not Necessary
13. What Types of Searches Get Clicks?
14. Topics, Titles & Keywords Analysis
15. Easy Article Outline Creation (With or Without Surfer)

2023 SEO Dropshipping Game Plan (With AI)

1. AI Publishing Masterclass Part 1
2. AI Publishing Masterclass Part 2

Weekly Recorded Office Hours (For Elite Fleet Members)

We back up this course package with a 30-day money-back guarantee because we're confident that our methods work.
However, we are looking for serious students who actually want to do the work. We are giving our exact secrets for building highly lucrative online assets, and don't have room for tire kickers.
To qualify for a full refund, you must simply prove that you've attempted to make your website following our instructions within 30 days. See full refund policy for details.